Solve exit code -1073741819 (0xC0000005) error in PyCharm

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So, doing some things with Python while I had to use the debugger.

When I clicked the debug button in PyCharm, this happened:



Strange, it’s the first time which happens. I run it again. Nothing to do, error still comes up.

Few seconds later I was already in searching for a solution. First one suggest that it’s a Windows problem (known and now fixed apparently), so you have to add…

To Environment variables in Run/Debug Configurations dialog add this pair:

=C: as NAME and c:\'' as VALUE



Did this first operation. Nothing happened.

As long as many users had this problem while using Django (but not my case), another solution you can try is this one: from PyCharm menu, go to RunEdit Configurations Defaults and do the next:



This should fix the error if it appears while you was using Django.

And now, my case. I tried the first solution. I tried the second (even if I don’t use Django in the project).

Let’s see the third which worked for me.

While searching for a solution, some links sent me to a PyQt forum. Even users there had this problem. Then I remembered, I installed PyQt recently. But can this be the issue ? Well, yes.

A user on Stackoverflow suggested to uncheck PyQt compatible ckeckbox in PyCharm project Settings.

So, FileSettingsBuild, Execution, DeploymentPython Debugger



Remember, Settings in File menu will apply this only for the current project. If you want to solve the issue globally, select also Default Settings.

Once applied, the debugger come back to life. This worked for me after I tried the previous suggestions.

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  1. Environmental variables did nothing, but deactivating PyQT worked like a charm. I hope I’ll never have to work with PyQT then…

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