Solve “Failed to init API, possibly an invalid tessdata path” Error

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Possible solution to solve “Failed to init API, possibly an invalid tessdata path” error


RuntimeError: Failed to init API, possibly an invalid tessdata path: <PATH>


It’s supposed that you already have added the directories where you installed Python and Tesseract-OCR to Path.


You don’t have the tessdata folder in the Python path.

For example, if you have Python installed in C:\Programs\Python, you must copy-paste the tessdata folder from Tesseract-OCR to main Python one.

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  1. Worked like a charm! Had installed from

    conda install -c simonflueckiger/label/tesseract-4.0.0-master tesserocr

    Strangely was not able to find tessdata related to my python files. Had found it in the folder generated from install.packages(‘tesseract’) in my R files! Copy and paste over to the right place resulted in the python module working as expected, with limited testing.

    Thanks again

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